M E E T   K A T I E   B A Y N E 

What started as a hobby of mindlessly sketching and designing jewelry has evolved into a business. I was never able to find and purchase what I sketched in those designs, so I decided 'why not create it myself'? I carefully selected unique stones and gems to create the pieces I had drawn up in my mind and in my sketchbook. My favorite outfits now had their own matching necklace or bracelet. After friends and even strangers asked me where they could get a piece like the one I had on, I knew I had something good going.


My hobby started gaining momentum as I started creating more pieces and handcrafting a line that reflected my idea of elegant everyday jewelry. I sold my first piece in 2012 and launched my online store in 2013. My mission is to use only the finest quality materials in my pieces and to create appealing, affordable pieces that I would enjoy wearing and be proud to share with others.

about the designer 

A B O U T   O U R   P R O D U C T S

All the materials that I use in my pieces are high quality 14k gold filled metals, 925 sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil & fine semi-precious gemstones from around the world.